We strive to be the best-in-class Investor, Partner & Owner of sustainable real assets which will deliver enduring commercial & social value

– Our Vision

Our ethos .

We succeed because of our people. Our people are world-class professionals who embody our core values and beliefs

Our most crucial asset our reputation. Investing our capital alongside our partners is deeply influenced by the impact on our integrity.

We believe honesty and transparency are the foundation of great business relationships. We remain forthright in our dealings and expect the same in return.

We strive to create value for our shareholders.

We are proud of our heritage and history of achievements

We treat everyone with respect and dignity. There is no room in our company for condescension or deception.

Building enduring & mutually beneficial relationships sets the foundation of sustainable success.

We embrace our responsibilities to communities in which we operate and strive to make the world a better place.

We pursue excellence in everything we do. We are never satisfied with the status quo.

Real estate value creation across the Kingdom.

We are a privately held real assets investment firm with over 40 years of history and an established & growing platform with a vision for impactful sustainable growth.

AHC has extensive experience in investments across all real estate risk strategies, forming the core of our business.

A demonstrated track record of risk-adjusted value creation through disciplined execution & innovation has allowed AHC to be recognized as one of the largest and respected real estate groups in KSA.

Socioeconomic impact through infrastructure.

We believe in creating a sustainable impact by combining long-term focus at a portfolio level with an ability to respond to quickly to more fleeting opportunities when they arise.

AHC sees opportunities across the real asset investment spectrum (such as infrastructure, renewables, industrial, logistics) created by the KSA Vision 2030 landmark initiatives for the private sector to build lasting socioeconomic value.

Enabling innovation through PropTech ventures.

Empowered by its extensive experience and assets in the real estate sector, AHC can innovate and positively disrupt the industry by incubating and sustaining the right PropTech solutions & ventures – thereby maximizing value of its own offering.

Our investment strategy.

AHC is a diversified real assets group united by a common philosophy of creating lasting value and a positive impact through the pursuit of excellence.

The traditional real estate sectors, infrastructure, and PropTech form the fundamental pillars of our investment strategy and are reflected in our track record.

Given the breadth of our asset footprint, AHC adopts the full spectrum of risk-return strategies to build and sustain a diversified multi-generational portfolio with the flexibility to capture new and emerging opportunities.

We strive to empower our investment professionals with the discretion to filter and distill information into actionable insights that lead to maximum value creation.

We believe that managing risk is a core responsibility of all employees. We actively monitor operational and compliance risks and conduct operational due diligence and business continuity activities.

Our impact.

Multi -generational enduring social and economic value remains the core of our Vision, and the guiding light for all our activities.

We embody principles of sustainability, inclusion, and diversification not only in our investment strategy, but in our workplace to create a collaborative & stimulating environment.

We strive to attract more women into the commercial real estate business and to increase female leadership at our firm.

Diverse in every sense. United in a single purpose

Moving forward in step with Saudi Vision 2030

We believe Saudi Vision 2030 as a pathway to the future to unlock the Kingdom’s vast potential by creating a diversified, innovative, and world -leading nation for the benefit of future generations.

Our ethos and strategy embody the core principles of Saudi Vision 2030, and we intend to bring about transformative progress by creating innovative and lasting value across the Kingdom.

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