Abdulaziz M. Almosa

Chief Executive Officer

Abdulaziz Almosa has an extensive experience in investment, advisory, fund, and asset management as well as development on real estate projects and transactions with accumulated value exceeding SAR 150 billion. He is currently a committee/board member in a number of organizations and Governmental entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Akram Omar

Chief Development Officer

Akram has a proven track record of spearheading key real estate and property development projects over his career spanning more than 26 years at leading real asset companies in the Middle East. Recognised in the industry for his great expertise in business development, he works closely with the higher management towards leading the company’s vision and journey to success. Akram has an extensive knowledge of various aspects of business, which he strategically leverages to drive consistent growth in AHC’s expansion plans and profits.

Zayed Hamed

Chief Finance & Support Officer

Zayed brings to AHC a two-decade wealth of experience in financial leadership roles. Working closely with the senior management, he drives the company’s overall investment strategy providing tactical financial advice in real assets management. Zayed’s main focus areas are financial planning, risk management, budget control, cost management, audit management, and financial analysis. He is also adept in aligning the company’s corporate strategy with finance, enabling cost efficiency and steering profitability across the investment portfolio.

Yasser Alshami

Senior Director, Strategy and Transformation

With 12 years of experience in investment banking and real estate, Yasser specialises in strategy and business development. At AHC, he oversees and streamlines the development, progress, and implementation of the strategic initiatives, driving business growth and profits, in cohesion with multiple departments of the company as well as the stakeholders. Yasser is proficient in building analytical models and recommending effective short, medium, and long-term business development plans for AHC based on in-depth market research.

Mohammed H. Ramza

Senior Director, Land Bank Management

An engineer with over a decade of experience in master planning and urban development, Mohammed specialises in planning high-end residential communities that enhance the quality of life. At AHC, he oversees key projects right from field investigations, feasibility studies, and site plan to final execution, ensuring compliance with all environment regulations and sustainability standards. Mohammed has excellent problem-solving skills backed by an in-depth knowledge of government regulations and hands-on experience in engaging with authorities, consultants, and stakeholders.

Nasser M. Alajmi

Senior Director, HR & Corporate Support

Nasser leads the HR department at AHC bringing in a wealth of experience of 19 years in human resource management and manpower development. AHC implements the best HR practices prioritizing employee wellness and creating a positive work environment that fosters growth and development. We hire and train qualified talents from a wide range of backgrounds and nurture their skills through timely and constructive performance analysis. We also create learning and training programs and initiatives for our employees.