Our Governance

Chairman’s message

Disciplined and responsible investing

AHC has robust governance standards with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability at every level of the firm.

AHC’s Board of Directors is accountable for AHC’s performance to ensure creation of shareholder value. The primary responsibility of the Board is set out in our Corporate Governance Manual, but substantially it is the responsibility of the Board to formulate policy, and not the intent of the Board to become involved in either the active implementation of that policy or in the daily operations of AHC. It is also the Board’s responsibility to review and monitor the implementation of the policy to assure that operational activities are being performed in a prudent manner.

AHC’s Chairman is assisted by the Investment Committee, which is responsible for providing recommendations on all investment related matters.

Mohammed bin Mansour bin Miteb bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

President & Chairman