What our Governance Say

Mohammed bin Mansour bin Mutib bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud President & Managing Director, AWJ Holding Company

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proceeding with confident and firm steps in embodying its ambitious plans to become a reality in which its people enjoy development and prosperity, in light of an ambitious vision through which the wise leadership seeks to transform the country into a global economic power with new capabilities and promising capabilities.

In turn, AHC is keen to provide quality projects aimed at serving the country and the citizen, by adhering to the standards of sustainability and growing development to keep pace with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Saud, and his trusted Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz – may God preserve them -.

We are also keen to build partnership bonds with the public sector in building real partnerships to develop new entities in the real estate development and investment sector, support its commercial activities in the Kingdom, and partner with the private sector in developing diverse and sustainable real estate development projects.

While the Kingdom is looking forward to its bright future, AWJ Holding is committed to supporting this new phase of economic growth by enhancing its capabilities, investing in an elite of qualified national cadres to move confidently towards the future, as well as preparing its partners to meet the expected challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that arise from This is an important transformation nationwide.

Disciplined and . responsible investing.

AHC has robust governance standards with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability at every level of the firm.

The Board of Directors comprise a Chairman, Managing Director, and board members appointed for implementing AHC’s strategy, investment, and operational activities

AHC’s Managing Director is assisted by the Investment Committee, which is responsible for providing recommendations on all investment related matters.