Our Impact

Creating multi-generational value

Multi-generational enduring social and economic value remains the core of our Vision, and all our activities. We embody principles of sustainability not only in our investment strategy, but in our workplace to create a collaborative & stimulating environment.

Inclusion & diversity

Inclusion and diversity form the foundation of our dynamic workplace. Our policies and programs promote representation and involvement of people from all ethnicities and irrespective of gender, colour, nationality, and culture. We create a work environment where everyone feels welcome, motivated, and has equal access to resources and growth opportunities.

Community involvement

AHC embodies a robust culture of giving back to the society by supporting charitable organisations and volunteering for social causes.
Our impact

Saudi Vision 2030

We believe Saudi Vision 2030 is a pathway to the future to unlock the Kingdom’s vast potential by creating a diversified, innovative, and world-leading nation for the benefit of future generations.

Our ethos and strategy embody the core principles of Saudi Vision 2030, and we intend to bring about transformative progress by creating innovative and lasting value across the Kingdom.