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A Holistic Approach In
Real Estate Value Creation

AHC is a diversified Saudi real assets investment group with a firm foothold across the Kingdom’s real estate landscape. Established 6 years ago in Riyadh, our heritage dates back to 40 years.

With a vision for impactful sustainable growth, we leverage opportunities in real estate, infrastructure and corporate venture capital focused on PropTech.


Chairman’s message

AHC has robust governance standards with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability at every level of the firm.

AHC’s Board of Directors is accountable for AHC’s performance to ensure creation of shareholder value. The primary responsibility of the Board is set out in our Corporate Governance Manual, but substantially it is the responsibility of the Board to formulate policy, and not the intent of the Board to become involved in either the active implementation of that policy or in the daily operations of AHC.


Our investment platforms

Direct Real Estate

Real Estate Private Equity

Real Estate Securities

Our impact

Saudi Vision 2030

We believe Saudi Vision 2030 is a pathway to the future to unlock the Kingdom’s vast potential by creating a diversified, innovative, and world-leading nation for the benefit of future generations.

Our ethos and strategy embody the core principles of Saudi Vision 2030, and we intend to bring about transformative progress by creating innovative and lasting value across the Kingdom.